Dec 202013
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We often talk about the general rule of thumb that the pack weight should not exceed 25% of the person’s body weight. This is a nice rule, but not stead fast in its application. A 90 lb Scout is limited to 22 and half pounds. A 75 pound Scout is hanging about 18 pounds on his back. Like I said.. real nice rule and a great goal to keep in mind when packing a pack. But winter camping is a totally different animal.

Pack weights go up in general because the amount of gear increases as well as the weight of the gear. A 10 degree sleeping bag is typically heavier than a 30 degree bag. More clothing is needed. Extra gear for cooking, keeping warm, starting fire, and of course shelter options increase.
So how does the Scout that has not grown into his body handle cold weather or winter camping? Here are a few ideas.
First we need to come to the realization that we are not going to buy multiple sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks. Gear is just to expensive for the new Scout to go out and buy lots …read more

Via: Scoutmaster Minute

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