Dec 022013
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I have said it before on the blog, but it is always worth repeating.. or at least reminding ourselves about time. Specifically time management. I can’t tell you how many times time comes up in conversation, typically “there’s not enough of it.”
There are 24 hours in every day. What we do with that 24 hours is up to us. Most folks think that someone else controls their time. But aside from our employer, we are in control of our time. It is how we manage that time that we often find ourselves allowing others to dictate how that time is spent.
Scouters in particular, have a hard time with time. Our nature is that of giving. We believe in the program and want to give time and energy to making it the very best. And I would suggest that it takes good people that are willing to give that time to make it so. The problem that most of us have seen is that there are some that give and give and give, and others that have figured out that others will give and give and give.
The Catch 22.

So those that give and continue to give finally get to the point where they begin to suffer in other areas of their lives and they stop.  When they stop the program suffers.. and still.. the folks that figured out that someone else will do it keep allowing others to do it.  And so in order to not allow program to fail, the givers give more.
10% of any given organization does all the work of the organization.  That seems to be true of all volunteer groups.  Scouting, Church groups, fraternal and civic organizations are all the same.  Givers and takers.
Time management.
One of the best gifts we can teach our children is time management.  There will come a day when Mom and Dad will no longer be there to make sure they get to class, get to work, or take time to get projects done.  They need to know how to manage their time and understand that there are 24 hours in the day.  Between sleeping, working, and eating.. you get whats left.  What you do with it is up to you.
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