Dec 052013
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In our last post we talked about Time management. This post will discuss time again, but time as it relates to wisdom, as in time as a teacher.

Often times I find myself shaking my head in wonder when talking with our younger people. Now, truth be told, this is nothing new… it’s been this way forever.. What I find my self wondering, now that I am older is why they do not have the wisdom to look ahead. Younger folks tend not to look to the future and see what will happen if they continue down the path they walk. Some look as far as achieving their goals in college and maybe what they want to be when they grow up. What they do not have yet is the wisdom of time.

They have not accumulated the life experiences that can help them make sound decisions that will effect them in the long run.

What is fun or cool today, will not be in the future. Finding a way to communicate the wisdom of time to our young folks is a challenge. We want them to learn from us. We want them to see the consequences of their action through our example.

We need to be open to share lifes challenges with them. Not in a “walk through the snow up hill both ways in flip flops” kind of way, that only turns them off. We need to find ways to express the wisdom of time. We need to be able to communicate that wisdom to assist our young folks in setting the right course for their lives.

The Delicate balance.

While we have the wisdom of time, we need to allow learning to happen so they will experience and develop that wisdom. So the balance as I see it is like a football team. There are 11 players on each side of the ball. Each one of those players need to be able to make adjustments to allow the team to team to be successful. Some players learn their position better than others and as a result become better players. The coach is there to help them see where improvements are needed, where they are in need of improving their skills and most of all how to do it.

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