Dec 202013
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Start, Stop, and to be Continued

Much like camping in fair conditions there are principles that should be followed when winter camping site selection. First plan ahead. Know where you are going and try to get there with enough daylight to relax and set up camp. Remember that it will get dark much earlier, so set your pace from the start of planning to arrive early.
When using your existing gear site selection is key. Using your standard 3 season tent will require you to think about where you put it and how it is anchored.
Stay out of the wind. Trees, outcroppings, and a large pine all provide protection from wind. Watch for loaded branches of snow, and place the tent so that you are not directly under them. Take a look up and look for widow makers and other potential hazards.
While planning take a look at the terrain on the map of your proposed location. Avoid camping on any slope or at the bottom of any slope that would have the remote possibility to avalanche. It is always important to learn the telltale signs of avalanche conditions.
Consider your nearest water source. Are you going to melt …read more

Via: Scoutmaster Minute

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