Jul 162013
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Forget everything you think you know about conferences.

Forget the long lines at the buffet, the windowless meeting rooms at hotels, the boring PowerPoints, and the awkward social gatherings.

Conferences at the Philmont Training Center, Scouting’s paradise in the mountains of New Mexico, are anything but typical.

Spend a week there and you’ll never forget the picturesque mountain backdrop, engaging sessions guaranteed to improve your Scout unit, enjoyable cracker barrels with like-minded Scouters, and deer grazing near your tent.

And did I mention you can bring your spouse and kids? Philmont has a week of fun planned for spouses and kids of all ages — all for a fraction of what you’d spend for a week at Disney World.

I speak from experience. As you can see in the pictures below, I attended one of those PTC youth programs at age 12 while my dad participated in a week of Scout training there. My mom enjoyed her Philmont vacation with other spouses, and my sister, 14 at the time, made new friends in her PTC program.

Last summer, I took Wood Badge at PTC. And this Aug. 19-24, I’ll be staffing a Wood …read more

Via: Bryan On Scouting

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