Feb 122014


My name is Bob Gaston and I am the Eagle Board Chair for Washington District. We have planned to have the second Life-to-Eagle presentation since Bill Schaffert passed away and we want to take this opportunity to get the word out so that anyone who wants to participate can plan to do so with enough advance notice to make it happen.

The presentation will be at the Willow Grove Giant Community Center (second Floor) from 7-9PM.

The link for the location is as follows:

Willow Grove Giant:


We generally try to hold a Life-to-Eagle presentation once per year and there has been many changes since the last Life-to-Eagle presentation that we would like to go over with your scout so that they have a clear understanding of the requirements BEFORE they start to work on obtaining the rank of Eagle. I can tell you that since the new merit badge rules came out effective 1/1/14 that the Eagle Board has answered many of the same questions time and again which we feel this forum will be the opportunity where we can benefit your Troop by meeting with these scouts to lay the groundwork so that your scout can complete and be positioned for a successful Life to Eagle transition through your Troop further preparing them to meet with the Eagle Board when they are ready to advance. To help you get started, I am sending as an attachment the new 2014 Eagle Scout Rank Application and the most recent version of the Washington District Eagle Board as they are the only forms that are not available as of this writing on the Council website. All other information is always available at:

www.colbsa.org > Advancement > Boy Scouts > Life to Eagle

I remind all Troop Leadership that since the Life-to-Eagle presentation is generally only held once per year, you should be sending ANY scout who will make the rank of Life by next December, 2014 as it does no good to see them next November or December if they are already almost an Eagle. I would rather see scouts at the presentation who are there maybe a little too early than when they are about to turn 18. Use your judgment, but the more than less in this case is better.

Over this past year the new forms have raised many questions that we believe can be answered easily at this session to help remove any ambiguity or confusion as to what forms have to be completed, when and why. The format for this meeting is a Brief PowerPoint presentation followed by a question and answer session afterwards (to answer any additional questions that may still need to be addressed). The Eagle Board members who are available that night can then break off with a specific group for a one-on-one experience, if requested. We anticipate the presentation taking about 40 minutes with questions taking as long as it takes. Our intent is to make sure that Scouts know what they need to be doing to achieve the rank of Eagle.

If you should have any questions you can contact me at (215) 378-4114 cell or at rgaston. Also, if you have any specific questions you would like answered during this presentation, please submit your question and we will see that it is included in the presentation.

Thanks in advance and I hope to see you there,

Bob Gaston

Eagle Board Chair

Washington District

Feb 032014


The Washington District Presents:

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training

Bryn Athyn Scout Building, 2847 Buck Road, Bryn Athyn, PA*
Saturday, March 1, 2014 – Please Pre-Register!

This is required training for all Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters who have not been previously trained in those positions.
Cost: $8.00, includes lunch
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete registration.

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!
Every Leader Deserves Training to Deliver the Scouting Program Successfully! Read More About: Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training At Bryn Athyn (For Assistants Too…

Jan 152014

FOS Infographic-piktochart

Support Scouting Today In The Washington District By Going To http://s.colbsa.org/washingtonfos
Make Sure To Select Washington District when you are prompted

Jan 132014

This guide will help your unit resolve any outstanding issues that you might have with your recharter. Please review the steps below to assist you in completing your paperwork.  Please note that until the outstanding items are addressed, your unit will be unregistered. Contact information for Anthony Weiss (484-654-9217 or [email protected]) & Joseph Leiss (484-654-9206 or [email protected]). Also, Fax to 610-688-2951 or Mail to Boy Scouts of America ATTN: Anthony Weiss / Joseph Leiss, 1485 Valley Forge Road, Wayne, PA 19087

Download A PDF Copy Of This Guide Here Read More About: How To Resolve Issues With Your Recharter

Jan 082014

Scout Shop Announcement 

Date: January 8, 2014

To: Cradle of Liberty Council Unit Leaders
From: Robin Crowl, National BSA Supply Group Territory Manager
Re: Change to Sales Tax Exempt Process

Recently we were notified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, along with numerous other states, that they will be more diligent in monitoring sales tax laws as they apply to Scout Shop sales. This will result in some changes in the way our local Scout Shop handles unit purchases.

Previously, Cradle of Liberty Council permitted Scout units to use the council tax exempt number for purchases in the Scout Shop. This will no longer be possible as Scout units are “owned” by their chartered organization (sponsor), not the local council. To continue to be exempt from paying sales tax and also be in compliance with applicable tax laws, units will have two options.

1. Unit Account

If your unit has a unit account with Cradle of Liberty Council, you can continue to do your shopping in the Scout Shop and use the council’s tax exempt number. This is possible because the law views the council to be in “ownership” of the funds being held and ultimately used in the purchase process, therefore allowing the tax exempt number to be used. If you do not currently have a unit account at the council office, you may open one at any time.

2. Unit Check or Unit Debit Card

You can use your unit check or debit card to purchase items at the Scout Shop, but as it is not the council’s money, you will need to provide a state sales tax exemption certificate in order to be tax exempt. You can obtain a copy of this form from your chartered organization, providing they are tax exempt. After providing the form to the Scout Shop, it will be entered and held in the system allowing you to make tax-free purchases in the future without presenting the form each time.

Please be aware, volunteers from your unit can still pay with personal checks, credit cards, or cash; however, as the individual owning the method of payment is not tax exempt, sales tax will be charged.
Beginning this month, units will need to utilize one of the methods listed above in order to be exempt from paying sales tax. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but also hope you understand the importance of being in compliance with the laws connected to this issue.

Should you need help securing a tax exempt form from your chartered organization or establishing a unit account at the council office, please feel free to contact the council office for assistance. Thank you for help in this matter.

 To download a copy of this letter, click here.

Jan 082014

When Scouts sign up for Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Venturing Crews, we make a promise to them: That the Scouting program will deliver untold adventures to the youth, provide them with opportunities to explore and learn, and discover new and unfamiliar places. Of all of our different classrooms, the meeting rooms, zoos, parks, and living rooms, there are few that can compare to the versatility and flexibility of the great outdoors.

The Scouting program provides opportunities for its youth members to experience an entire week in the outdoors at Scout Camp.  Whether it is Day Camp, Cub Scout Camping at Camp Hart, or Boy Scout and Venturing Camping at Resica Falls, Scouts can experience opportunities not available anywhere else for youth their age.

It is with great pride that the Cradle of Liberty Council is announcing the 2014 Camp Card Fundraising Program, which is geared to promote youth earning their way to Summer Camp. The “Camp Card” is a discount card for consumers to local businesses. This program will feature the following: Read More About: Every Scout Deserves To Go To Camp – 2014 Camp Card Sale!

Jan 082014
Welcome to the First Edition of the Training Newsletter! This is the first issue of the monthly Cradle of Liberty Council Training Newsletter, Trained Today. Each issue will feature upcoming training events of interest to Scout leaders in our council. For more information, please contact your local district training chair or Dick Clark, Council Training Chair.Going forward, this newsletter will be distributed on the second Wednesday of each month. If you received this directly from the Cradle of Liberty Council, you’re subscribed to the Training Newsletter list.If this was forwarded to you and you’d like to subscribe, please click here.

Take training online: MyScouting.org

Find out more about BSA adult leader training programs»

Click here for a calendar of upcoming training courses offered in the Cradle of Liberty Council»

Read More About: “Trained Today” Newsletter

Jan 082014

Camping is an important aspect of the Scouting experience. It provides Scouts an opportunity to learn important life lessons and develop self-reliance and other valuable skills. Summer camp provides these opportunities in an extended format, while also encouraging team building and conflict resolution.

While the Summer Scouting program is certainly affordable, we understand that there are certainly families that still need assistance.  The Cradle of Liberty Council has camperships available to families in need of assistance to attend Cradle of Liberty Council summer camping programs. When applying for these scholarships, please note the following:

  • Be as accurate as possible
  • Provide descriptive reasons for your need such as unemployed, reduced hours, medical costs, high student loan payments, low income, on financial assistance, etc.
  • Avoid phrases such as “Financial Hardship” or “Without assistance we can not go to camp”
  • Forms must be signed by your unit leader and returned by March 1st.
  • No money is required to be submitted with the campership application

When you are ready to apply, you can find the form & more information at https://www.colbsa.org/camperships/camperships/2013-campership-application.html

Please note that all applications must be received by March 1st

Jan 072014

Hot Off the Press – Boy Scout and Venturing Specialty Summer Opportunities
Are your Boy Scouts and Venturers looking for more excitement this summer? Have they been to summer camp, but want to try something new this summer? Make sure you get them signed-up for one of our Specialty Programs:

Fawn Run at Resica Falls – Enjoy a week of hiking in the beautiful Pocono Mountains and participating in exciting program along the trail.

Specialty Camp at Musser – Enjoy a week working on Merit Badges or exploring career opportunities in the Medical and STEM Fields. Boy Scouts will have the opportunity to earn four merit badges, and Venturers can explore four career paths.

Paddlerama at Resica Falls –  Enjoy a week of Canoeing on the picturesque Delaware River. The Trip is approximately 70 miles, and the Scouts will have the opportunity to earn parts of Whitewater Merit Badge.

Resica Falls Summer Camp 2014
Make sure that your troop has Resica Falls on its’ radar for your 2014 Summer Camp! With over 60 merit badges in more than 12 program areas, and a High Adventure program second to none, Resica offers something for everyone! New this year will be a program area for welding merit badge and othe r Mr. fix-it badges. Sign-up today at www.colbsa.org/camping 

Camp Promotion Presenters
We are looking for some energetic presenters in each district to help promote all of our Summer Camping opportunities. If you are interested in serving as a Camp Promotion Presenter, please e-mail John Bickel

Summer Camp Positions Available
We are looking for the best Scouts, Venturers and Leaders to be on our camp staffs this summer. If you like to work with kids in an exciting, outdoor environment while meeting new people and making new friends, this is a great job for you! Please fill-out an online application if you are interested. Those in the health/health services fields: We are looking for people with Health training to be a Health Officer.

Jan 072014

The Shooting Sports Committee is hosting a Range Safety Officer Course on January 18, 2014 at the Council Office in Wayne. If you are interested in taking the training, please register for this course at nrainstructors.org  or for more information, contact Lambert Liebel at [email protected]